General forms of Mischeif.

Vegans are sillyand fun.

El Oh
I am Laurel.
I don't like jerks.
I seem to go out with a lot of guys whose names begin with "J".
I like verbs.
I am in love with my bicycle.
It's pretty.
I would like to think I create good art.
I would like to think I am a good girlfriend, though my relationships always seem short.
If you are Katie Hubbard looking at this, you spend too much time on LJ.
I made this so that I wouln't have to deal with you.
Go away.
I enjoy jumping.
I like to roll down hills, go sledding, make snow angels, make snow men, and women.
I love winter.
I love all the seasons.
It's true.
I like green, grey and blue.
I am 22.
My room is clean.
My nose is dry.
My hair is crazy.
My parents say my cat misses me and still sleeps in my bed.
Silly Kitty.